Simple ways to keep your apartment cool this summer

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February 29, 2016
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Simple ways to keep your apartment cool this summer


Cold drinks, ice-lollies, a dip in the cool waters and more makes summer refreshing and fun – but for the unbearable heat and sweat. A cool home is a welcome respite from the scorching outdoors.

Temperatures are soaring every year. Even a comparatively cool city like Bangalore is becoming hot and unbearable in the summer. While you have the option of going for a swim in your luxury apartment complex, your house needs you to keep it cool.

There’s air conditioning, but frequent use burns a hole in our pockets. At the same time it is not the best thing for our already fragile environment.

Don’t despair. Here’s a list of simple ways to heat proof your apartment.

1. Shut the windows draw the curtains or blinds around 9 am. Leave them open from 5-9 in the morning and then around 6pm or 7pm onwards in the evening. This ensures that you get the best hours of good sunlight in the morning and avoid it, as the day gets hotter.

2. Curtains, blinds, or bamboo chic are a great way to keep the heat at bay. Dark drapes with lining keep your room cool and relaxed on a scorching day.

3. Make optimum use of electrical appliances and gadgets as heat emitted by them makes the interiors warm.

4. Avoid incandescent bulbs. They emit heat and aggravate your electricity bill. Replace them with LED or CFL fittings that are soothing, and save energy.

5. Change your bedroom linen frequently. Cotton bed linen is the best as it will also keep you comfortable.

6. Pick white or light hues for your walls, especially for rooms that heat-up easily.

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Do you know of more ways to keep it cool during summers? Share them with us.

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