How to pick the perfect colour for your apartment

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How to pick the perfect colour for your apartment


Bangalore’s cityscape has developed beautiful villas, luxury apartments and flats. The residential projects leave little for residents to bother about. Once your developer gives you the possession all you have to do is decorate your interiors.

Choosing the right colour for your walls is as important as choosing the right piece of furniture. In an intangible way shades play on your moods. They can be soothing, cheerful, stimulating and depressing, sad, dampening. Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the perfect colour, for your perfect home matching Bangalore’s perfect weather.

● Remember that colours have their specific intensity and effects.
● Study your interiors and rooms well before choosing its colours.
● Red, orange and beige are considered to be warm colours. These exude action, motivation, creativity. The colour family gives you the impetus to achieve.
● Green, blue, purple and gray are considered to be cool colours. These exude cool and soothing, relaxing and calm effect. Enables you to de-stress and meditate.
● Choose warm – vibrant and between bright – somber colours for children and young-adults respectively.
● Grown-ups room could be done in cooler shades.
● The common living room can be a go between warm and cool colour tones.
● Natural light, furniture, decorative artifacts and temperature play an important role in colour selection.
● Type of living space – bedroom, living room, study, children’s room, kitchen and bathroom too determine the shades.
● You can use greens, blues and violets shades to in rooms where you’d want to de-stress after a long day’s work.
● Paint another part in warm and bright shades of red, yellow or orange to add energy and action.

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