Easy home decor with knick-knacks

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December 9, 2015
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December 19, 2015
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Easy home decor with knick-knacks


Picking an apartment developed by a Leading real estate and construction company has many benefits. Beautiful layout and top quality interiors and fittings is one of them.

A top property developer guarantees great aesthetics. This gives you enough scope to explore creative ways to decorate your house.

Choosing the right color for your apartment’s walls and complementary furnishings is an important job. While rugs and carpets take care of the floors, there’s more to home decor than just paints and drapes.

Here are some quick ways to decorating your apartment by one of the leading residential developers in south India

● Stitch colorful pom-poms along the edge of your old pillow covers or curtains to give it a new look.You can even stitch laces around the edges for a graceful look. Highlight the design on your old pillow or cushion covers, sheets with fabric paints or you can do some block painting and add new designs. Or you can buy some fancy patches and paste them on the covers, sheets and even curtains.

● Your printer at home can get you some great art pieces. Scan a vintage photograph, digitally enlarge it to poster size by using a photo editing software (or get it done professionally). Now get it framed and hang it on the wall. Similarly you can scan your own artwork or your children’s and adorn the walls of your apartment.

● Books, antique items, brass ware add variety to your interiors. Add quirk to your apartment’s décor with objects such as toys, globes and ordinary knick-knacks.

● Use the empty wall space in your apartment to display your child’s art work or curios you’ve collected from your travels.

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