Design Process

VDB has in place a comprehensive design process that guarantees transparency and clarity from day 1. We work to ensure that things go as planned across the life cycle of the project – from concept and design to front-end consultancy, to execution and construction. Here is our step-by-step process list across different action items.

The pre-construction plan

  • Understanding client requirements.
  • Due diligence studies – site suitability, legal checks, project feasibility, support infrastructure.
  • Design brief and co-ordination.
  • Feasibility, specs and project costing.
  • Design development and finalization of project cost.
  • Project contract documentation and agreements.
  • Approvals from statutory authorities.
  • Selection of appropriate contractors.
  • Construction phasing / schedules / logistics.
  • Vendor selection and administration.
Project execution
  • Technical follow-up group: Support to site team.
  • Contracts group: All contractual information, feedback to client.
  • Quality group: Checklists, quality-checks and implementation.
  • Prototyping: Sample building with all civil and interior work.
  • Testing: All material and finishes tested well in advance.
  • Systems: Extensive use of systems, procedures and checklists.
  • Monthly report: Project status, quality and safety, schedules, constraints and photographs.
  • Completion of construction: Testing, de-bugging and commissioning, project closure and handover.

Financial options

  • Cost-Plus Contract with Target Price and Shared Project Savings: A financial arrangement wherein VDB is entitled to fifty percent of the savings, should the final cost of a project be less than the estimate raised. In cases where the final cost exceeds the budget, the difference is borne by the client.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP): A financial arrangement wherein the cost difference is borne by VDB, should the final cost of the project be more than the estimate raised.

Exclusive VDB Advantages

  • Experienced professionals with strong design and project capabilities
  • Familiarity with currently building technologies.
  • Ability to provide global quality in the local environment.
  • Compliance with international codes and safety requirements.
  • Ability to handle communication over various time zones.
  • Comprehensive cost database.
  • Knowledge of bylaws and statutory regulations.
  • Ability to secure all statutory approvals rapidly.
  • Good understanding of Import laws and duty benefits.